Patchwork quilt


I am the proud mother of four girls. I'm married to a wonderful man who supports me in my sometimes crazy projects.

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  1. Kirst187 says:

    Bianca and I LOVE the quilt!!! It is SO pretty! You are amazing!!! Sure love you guys 🙂 bianca ali iloveyu
    5 Ali bianca 5 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

  2. Michelle Welker says:

    Beautiful, Elizabeth!

  3. maria celina says:

    wow, Super beautiful, Thanks for the explanation.

  4. Cinthya says:

    I love the color scheme!! I stayed hermosisisma!

  5. Vilma says:

    q wanted to send me step by step from other quilts is q I like a lot and am about to start my own quilt as yours stay bellisima thanks.

  6. yudelda mendieta says:

    Beautiful; know my dream is to leave something if my youngest son…. but I really have no idea how to start.. and never cooked anything. and I want to make it I think doprias bearings. I would like to do it with bigger pictures. my post is. [email protected]

  7. Lina says:

    good afternoon loved the bedspread but not handling very well these measures can assist me thanks

  8. Angelica says:

    I loved the coverlet, a Question, if within the measures seams or how many cm or inches already covered must increase them?

  9. MARI says:


  10. Loader says:

    Hello, I would like to know how the back part is made of scrap quilts

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hola loader. The back of the quilt is just a piece of cloth; depending on the bearing of the quilt and the width of the fabric you use you will need to sew to make it necessary porte. If you use fabric has a pattern of lines then you will need to plan accordingly seams to make it a continuous pattern. I hope this answers your question.

  11. Lucy salazar says:

    Divine hermozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Carmen rios says:

    Hi I would like to know q bed measurement is

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