Tie for a baby.


I am the proud mother of four girls. I'm married to a wonderful man who supports me in my sometimes crazy projects.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    We love them! Our little man looks so cute in them! Thanks Eli!!!

  2. nat scub says:

    Wonderful!! Just what I wanted, thanks a million for existing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nat scub says:

    the little knot doesn't fit for me, and I do not understand what part to pull back… I do not get it!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      In the penultimate picture you can see there is a part left facing the front of the tie. Take that piece and slide it to one side, I do not remember whether right or left, just test which side is easier, until it is fully behind. It is not perfect the first time, Play around with until you are happy with it. I hope this helps, if not, please write me and I will try to explain it better.

      • nat scub says:

        ELIZABETH THANK YOU!!!! It seemed impossible until this second explanation !! my husband had sympathized with me and tried to remember how he tied his tie when he went to school, lol!!! Again thank you very much!!!

  4. astrid says:

    thanks !!

  5. astrid says:

    thanks !!

  6. leidy t. says:

    THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF THANKS, I finally was able to recover the use of the tie

  7. Aserrat says:

    thousand spectacular thank yous!!!!

  8. laurita laly says:

    thank you very much

  9. Rico says:

    Thank you very much… !:)

  10. 1000 Thank you saved me life…

  11. Martha Córdoba says:

    Very friendly, I did it with red cloth and back with blue squares was divine!!!!

  12. Martha Córdoba says:

    Too bad I could not upload a photo, If you look like you see my profile on Facebook Molly Atelier 4kids

  13. Aly says:

    Hello I can tell how big is the total length of the tie?

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