5 of May!!

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I know I've been missing lately, but I have a good reason for that. And I have been sick for 3 months!. By this House have passed too many colds, now last gave us strep throat ( not be as translates to the Spanish) That gave him more strong was to my, with fever of 104! I am just starting to eat again, But today the doctor told me that I also have Hand Foot and Mouth Diesease (Disease of the hands, feet and mouth) Already is me removing this well and I am praying that this is already the last illness of the year!! It is not possible, but please I don't want anymore I feel so miserable : (

Good, don't get bored them more with my problems. Today is last day of the month of April!! How quickly time passes. Tomorrow we will celebrate the 5 may as a relief society activity. I was asked to help to decorate, and I quickly said yes! : ) The first thing that occurred to me is the traditional flags ( shredded paper ) Take my silk and cut paper I got. The truth is that it was quite entertaining to make it, and easy also. They are not as I think the true artisan confetti made in Mexico but I left pretty well. Do you think your?

2012-04-30 006 2012-04-30 0072012-04-30 008 2012-04-30 009


I am also working other projects involving many fabric and much sewing!!! I am well excited with them. Here a small sample of what I'm doing. You know what?

2012-04-23 002

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