Romantic pillow

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My mom is re-decorating the room where my girls always sleep when we visit, and you want it done well women and magic. When he told me that my head immediately began to find all the ideas that had stored. An of the first was all those beautiful pillows that I have seen on pinterest. All women need some beautiful pillows to decorate her room.

2013-04-11 010

I found this tutorial on The House of Smiths. The problem is that I was so excited to make it that I did not read well all instructions before and during the process, I decided to do it my way, or like me, he believed that it would be better. The result is very good and I am happy with the pillow. My daughter is very happy with it and now put it in your bed. In fact today it told me that I was the best seamstress of the world!! Definitely knows as sweeten to breast so you continue making things pretty.

2013-04-10 001

What I'm going to give are only approximate, they depend only on the size of Pillow you want.

A piece of 12 in X 19 in, a piece of 19 in X 24 in, a 12 in X 16 in piece and finally a piece of 12 in X 6 in

2013-04-10 004 2013-04-10 008

Started with an overcasting in all my pieces by that my fabric is full too fast.

In the piece more with the puntad longer in your machine sew a couple of lines along to make the collected.

2013-04-10 010 2013-04-10 013

To pick up the fabric pulls the thread from back. Here is where I did different things. I picked up the fabric until it is the size of my piece 12 X 19, another blog she picked her up but not to the porte piece base if not let it more large, but to the put the picked up the piece base just there it accommodated to the porte folding. This is how the folds will be more noticeable and will stay in place better.

2013-04-10 015 2013-04-10 016

Sew the piece collected or folded to your base just to the side piece (where this collection)

2013-04-10 024 2013-04-10 027

Weapon pieces from the back of the pillow. I just did a simple fold for the part where the pillow Gets. With the part right (the collected) towards up placed your parts of back with the part right towards down and stitching the three layers together. Dala back through the hole where the pillow is inserted and is finished.

2013-04-11 004

I made some flowers to give the final touch. What do you think?

2013-04-11 010

2013-04-11 012

2013-04-11 025

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