Baby Bib

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This is the best bib that I've used. It's my favorite because it covers my daughter perfectly while eating. Many towel bibs sold are just a hole in the towel where the child's head is passed through, but that is always a problem because, since you cannot adjust it, the neck hole was too large, and my kids ended up just getting dirty anyway. Other normal bibs were too easy to remove and so my daughter would pull off the bib before she finished eating or it would not cover everything and she would get covered in food anyway from somewhere. This bib solves all these problems! I found this great idea at Positively Splendid.

2014-12-10 Bibs 009


1 Towel

1 package of bias tape

Pressure brackets

First visit Positively Splendid and print the 3 pattern sheets.

Double your towel in half lengthwise and place your pattern on top. I decided to use as much as possible of the towel so I cut it a little longer.

2014-12-10 Bibs 001 2014-12-10 Bibs 003

Then sew the bias tape all the way around your bib . Mark the rectangles from the pattern and sew them together, that is, the front part to the back part, making the arm holes. Now we just put the pressure snaps on.

2014-12-10 Bibs 004 2014-12-10 Bibs 007

That's it! They are super quick to make and soon will become your favorites, too!

2014-12-10 Bibs 008

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