Fabric-lined boxes

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This is nothing new, but I've had in my head for some time. My House always circulate boxes of all sizes, the more big end up as my daughters toys, but the others always end up in the pot of recyclables. This time 4 of them they will not have the same final.

2013-01-31 009

I want to do more to put together the down, but I can not do it until you buy more fabric and find the perfect box.

2013-01-29 051 2013-01-29 053

As you can see I started cutting pieces that close the boxes.

2013-01-30 001 2013-01-30 005

With fabric and glue gun in hand I forré best boxes. (inside, they were not very perfect, but no one will see)

2013-01-30 007 2013-01-30 009

I used the same pieces of cardboard that I cut boxes to make the Fund. Glue them together with packing tape and forré them. After that you can already decorate with anything that you can think of.

2013-01-30 015

2013-01-30 030

2013-01-31 006

2013-01-31 009

While cleaning my cupboard I saw had these plastic containers, then I thought in the remnant fabric that I had left over and in less of 10 minutes were lined in fabric.

2013-01-31 016

Not yet is what put them but soon is occur me something and I'll give you a good use.

2013-01-31 033

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