Toy kitchen

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Over a year ago I convinced my dad to make a play kitchen using as a basis one of the furniture for televisions. Here the results.

2012-10-29 005

Photo before. I forgot to take picture of the furniture when I bought recently, but you can tell it was an old piece of furniture that I found in the shop used stuff.

2011-06-08 002

My dad started pulling out all the parts and doors. Then wood became separations refrigerator dishwasher and kitchen. Also he replaced the piece of furniture back.

2011-06-09 006

Here you see the sink and faucet.

2011-06-09 029

The furniture was apparently to computer so I had a table where will the keyboard. If you look closely you can see that under the sink put this table to have more space for cooking. The table to the size necessary to cut and use the same rails that already had.

2011-06-09 031

Now with the oven door and the freezer door. Top of the furniture you can see the piece that will be the microwave.

2011-06-10 008

After sanding is good all the furniture when painting. First the primer, This is super important because wood absorbs the paint.

2011-06-19 0072011-06-19 009

My kitchen has 3 colors; target for appliances, pink for the inn and walls, and a blue very dark to the oven.

2011-06-21 017

2011-06-21 020

Once dry, put doors, handles and microwave in place. For just under the sink I put a curtain instead of a door.

2011-06-27 008

Another picture more, yet without putting the final details.

2012-05-09 019

Here and with the numbers microwave and kitchen. Above the sink I want to put a white box with a photo to look like a window overlooking the courtyard of the house, but already more than a year and still do not do it. I hope to soon.

2012-10-29 005

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