Patchwork quilt

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I took me two months to make this quilt, but it is finally finished! I usually do not take much to make a quilt but with a baby on home work becomes very slow. As you can see it is the same or very similar to what I did for my daughter some time ago. If you want to see how it's done you can see it in my previous post Patchwork quilt as well as quilting in Patchwork quilt (the quilting).

2014-01-27 002

2014-01-27 013

2014-01-27 028

What I want to show now is that this time I used my machine Zing to cut the fabric for the flower.

2014-01-12 007 2014-01-12 011

I must admit I was very nervous as he cut because he thought it would be a complete disaster, but as you can see the machine did an excellent job. The secret is always to test before making the final cut to ensure that the blade pressure is correct.

2014-01-12 012 2014-01-12 017

Another thing that made me excited was I wanted to see how it was going to be the flower to finish with my new machine. I wanted to see if I could make the flower more full so I tried to do it with double padding, but it did not work because the machine to jump stitches, so I ended up doing it with a single layer of padding.

2014-01-24 005 2014-01-25 001

To complete the effect I used flower transparent thread to sew around the flower and this made it look fuller. And to finish the edges of the covers are sewn entirely by machine; I used a trick roll the fabric onto a spool and used and it worked perfect ( for sure I will use this trick in the future).

2014-01-27 019 2014-01-27 024

Here's how it see behind. Mulch did only straight lines on each side of each seam, I loved the result.

2014-01-27 025 2014-01-27 035

In the last picture you can see how it was to finish machine. It is much faster as it close at hand, solo necesitas un pie de ‘stitch in the ditch’ para la máquina.

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop!

2014-01-27 038 2014-01-27 042

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