Patchwork quilt (the quilting)

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Yesterday Hazel wrote asking me how I did in my the quilting for my prior post patchwork quilt. Looking through my pictures I found some that may help me to explain some of how I did it.

2012-05-22 006

First place fabric face down my back of the quilt on the floor,, then I started filling up, and finally the main fabric face up. Then I put a lot of pins to hold the three pieces. In this step the fabric back and padding must be larger than your main fabric, after this padding can cut the excesses.

2012-05-07 033 2012-05-09 036

Quilting I used only my sewing machine. For this you can choose the color of thread that deses and the length of each stitch. In my case use pink thread and stitch Normal. There are very cute patterns to sew padding, but since I'm not at all a professional, all I do is sew the same seams which are my main fabric.

2012-05-08 002 2012-05-09 041

If you look closely you will see that not directly sewed seam in between the fabrics, but I did a little to one side. I started cooking the long lines that are up and down the flower, and after that we must try to always sew lines from the center outward.(You can say that my heart was horizontal lines around the flower) It is not an easy process. In space if the quilt is large as mine. To sew in the center of the quilt had to roll up my quilt and make a thousand juggling. And more than I do from the center of the fabric out what I had to do it from one corner to the side and then down. No long lines if I did not take the time to work on each frame at a time, my only long lines are horizontal. Not if I'm getting to understand, It is costing me to put into words what I have in my head.

2012-05-09 039 2012-05-15 033

If somehow you could understand everything I wrote before (wow, you are amazing) It's time to finish the edges of the quilt. First I cut the excess fabric and filling.

2012-05-15 004 2012-05-15 009

Now to make a good long strips to close the covers. I cut several strips about 2 1/2 inches wide. To make a continuous strip I placed two L-shaped strips and photo, I sewed diagonally and cut the excess.

2012-05-15 010 2012-05-15 015

I repeated the process with the remaining strips. The number of strips depends on the length of each strip and of course the size of the comforter.

2012-05-15 018 2012-05-15 027

When the strip was complete, I cut one side diagonally as in the photo and turned slightly inward.(photo in the beginning and end folded out, but really you just need to double in principle)

2012-05-16 001 2012-05-16 003

I placed my strip edges out as shown in the picture. I raised half of the strip and the other in sewed the quilt for a 2 inches. I looked up and I kept my sewing needle, this time through all fabrics.

2012-05-16 004 2012-05-16 011

To make the corners, I lifted the needle 1/4 inch before reaching the corner. I folded my strip first up and then down as shown in the two photos.

2012-05-16 012 2012-05-16 014

When I reached the top I looked up only part of the strip that I left without sewing stuffed the end of the strip and finished sewing.

2012-05-16 015 2012-05-16 017

And as a final step I took a needle and thread, I chose a good movie, I sat on the good comfortable chair and started to close the covers. It is a long process, but the results are worth it.

2012-05-16 020 2012-05-16 021

Hazel, I hope this has helped a little? Wow, sometimes it is so difficult to put ideas into words. Let's blame the pregnancy and say that this brain of pregnant not let me explain in a coherent whole crazy process. Here a video that explains the process well enough to close the quilt. I wish I had one that explains the padding if.2012-05-22 006

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