Patchwork quilt

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I finally finished it!!! It took me quite a while to make this quilt, but it was worth every second. The inspiration came from Moda Bake Shop. She explains each step very well in English, so I will try to explain it as well but in Spanish.

2012-05-22 006


  • Cloth of different colors ( I used 20 packets of 1/4 yards each)
  • 1/4 yard of white cloth
  • 1/4 yard coffee colored fabric
  • 4 yards of fabric for the back
  • 1 package of quilt filling
  • thread

2012-04-23 005

Start cutting 56 squares of 5×5. 112 rectangles of 9×2 1/2. 112 rectangles of 5×2 1/2

2012-04-23 004

Take one square of one color and two small and two long rectangles of the other color. These will form your squares. You have to do this with all your pieces, try to mix it up as best as possible. Depending on the amount of different colors that you buy, the colors will be repeated in the squares. I used seven different colors.

2012-04-23 002

With the help of pins you'll end up with a pile like this one. Now you can start sewing.2012-04-23 009

Start sewing your small rectangles to the squares. It will look like this.

2012-04-23 010

Then sew your big rectangles. Your square is ready. Repeat the process with the rest.2012-04-23 011

Again, you will end up with a pile of squares like this.2012-05-03 006

Place your squares on the floor and arrange the way that you like. 2 rows of 7 to the top and 6 for 7 to the bottom. In between you can see I put my white cloth and coffee to give me a better idea of ​​how it looked.

2012-05-03 013

Now you can start sewing the squares.. To sew note that you must do by joining the long side of the rectangle a square with the side of the small rectangle of another cuadrado.Sigue this pattern with all the squares. When you start another row, make sure you follow the same pattern down. Big Box of a square with small rectangle of a square.

Do it like you're reading a book. The first row from left to right, then the second row, etc.

2012-05-03 016

Remember not to join the first two rows with the rest.

2012-05-03 027

Now we will work with the white cloth and coffee. Cut two long strips of cloth good coffee 2 1/2in. and a white fabric 9 o 10in. Sew the brown pieces on either side of the white piece.

2012-05-03 031

Again, I have no idea how this role is called, double stick fusible web, but it is a special glue for bonding fabrics, It comes amid papers.

2012-05-04 004

Follow the instructions and draw your flower or any design you want to put in quilt.

2012-05-04 003

Iron your pieces in the desired location.

2012-05-04 017

2012-05-04 019

On the back put a little stuffing for quilts or some thick fabric. There must be a couple of more inches larger than the design so you can work more comfortably.

2012-05-07 001

Put your machine on the stitch that you like for your fixtures and sews all your edges.

2012-05-07 004

2012-05-07 015

When you finish with all cuts excess filler or fabric ( as you used) and will look something like. Be careful in this step not to cut your main fabric.

2012-05-07 020

Sew your piece to the rest of the fabric and cut the excess.

2012-05-07 025

Now you can start to quilt it!!

2012-05-07 028

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