Honeycomb Pattern Quilt

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With pride I present my latest creation! After seeing a tutorial on how to make hexagons, I knew immediately that this would be my next project. And here it is, ready for sale!

2014-09-18 0172014-09-18 013

Of course I'll show you how I did it. This was such a fun project to do and the result is even better.

2014-08-12 Quilting 001

For this quilt I used 50 hexagons, and an additional 8 halves of hexagons. In the following photos you can see the process that worked best for me.

2014-08-12 Quilting 003 2014-08-12 Quilting 004

Cut thick paper into several hexagons. Cut your fabric into squares approximately 1 1/2 inches longer on each side of your paper hexagons ( It will be much easier and faster to make each hexagon if you leave a decent amount of extra fabric to work with and fold).

2014-08-12 Quilting 006 2014-08-12 Quilting 007

Start folding from the top right, and iron it.

2014-08-12 Quilting 008 2014-08-12 Quilting 009

Repeat with a bottom right.

2014-08-12 Quilting 011 2014-08-12 Quilting 012

Turn your hexagon and finish up the last two sides.

2014-08-12 Quilting 013 2014-08-12 Quilting 014

As you can see the hexagons turn out perfectly! I also made the 8 halves of hexagons so that the top and bottom of the quilt don't look incomplete (although I am sure that without them it would also be fine).

2014-08-19 002

In this picture you can see how I used two rulers and several strips of paper to help position each hexagon in the correct place and correct spacing. I secured them lightly with some adhesive fabric spray and safety pins. My dream was that they would all stay perfectly in place to be able to add the padding in between each hexagon but it didn't work out that way. Fortunately it is not something that is extremely obvious but enough to keep me from quilting it as I initially wanted.

2014-08-20 003

I individually quilted each hexagon concentrically. I opted for three seams, one right on the edge and two inside at different distances (you can use the number and distance you see fit). And as you can see the result is fabulous!

2014-09-18 002

2014-09-18 007

In these photos you can better appreciate the padding. Something I forgot to include in my previous post is that I found another way to finish the edges of the quilt, and I think that for now it's my favorite way. It is quick to do because it is completely machined, and both the front and back look very cleanly finished. I hope to soon make a tutorial about it.

2014-09-18 008


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