Ice cream cones

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One of my children has a birthday at the end of this month, and as the days are already hot, I thought a good theme would be ice cream!

In Icing Designs I found a very good tutorial to make these cute ice cream cones as decoration. I followed all the instructions. Here are my pictures of how I made them.

2013-05-07 028

First my materials.

– Styrofoam balls

– fabric squares

– cloth strips

– paper to make the cones

– toothed scissors

The only differences with Icing Designs's tutorial are that I did not use any fillers and I did not cut my fabric into circles to wrap the balls.

2013-05-07 004 2013-05-07 007

Wrap the ball of Styrofoam and paste the fabric to the paper cone you made.

2013-05-07 008 2013-05-07 012

With the toothed scissors, cut long strips of fabric, sew through the middle with a long stitch and then pull it together enough to circle around the ice cream cone twice. This step still not have done, but to be able to hang them, glue a ribbon at the top and then they are ready.

2013-05-07 016 2013-05-07 026

What do you think? When I have the birthday photos, I will add them here so you can see them.

2013-05-07 029

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