Tie for a baby.

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Ties are a great idea to give to a baby boy. They look so cute with them.
Sharing the Wealth has a very good tutorial to make one. Here comes my explanation.

2012-12-14 036

As a first step print the template that is found here.

2012-12-14 011

Cut your main fabric and some other fabric that will go in or behind your tie, in my case it is a white fabric.

2012-12-14 009

With the front sides together, sew the top and bottom edges only, leaves the sides open.

2012-12-14 008

Turn your fabric over, It will look like this. Remember that the sides are open.

2012-12-14 015

Now I fold it in half lengthwise and sew, your main fabric is inside.

2012-12-14 021

Open it and iron the seam that will later be turned outside

2012-12-14 022

2012-12-14 023

Cut a piece of fabric approximately 2 3/4in X 16in, this depends on the baby or child for whom you are making the tie, accommodate it according.

2012-12-14 013

Sew the long side and turn it over. You have a strip like this. Tuck the edges of the sides and sew them to close it.

2012-12-14 017

Now let's make the knot for the tie. Place the tie on the strip as shown in the picture.

2012-12-14 026

Take the back and cross it over like this.

2012-12-14 027

Then fold it back and up.

2012-12-14 028

Now fold it to the front and pass underneath the front strip to form the knot.

2012-12-14 029

Take the piece that is left in front and then slide it behind (It sounds weird but it works). Arrange the knot until you're happy with it.

2012-12-14 036

Finally give the know a few stitches from behind to prevent movement or it coming apart. You can put velcro, elastic, or buttons at the bottom of the strips to close it.

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