Valentine crown

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For some time I have been wanting to decorate decorating with these tights I've seen online. I tried to get one for Christmas but could not, I did not know how to do to make it look good. I finally found the way!


2013-01-22 047



– Crown Styrofoam

– Tapes to cover the crown ( no tape so I had tapes of a fabric that had)

– Decorative mesh

– Floral U-shaped pins ( I use large clamps that did not want to go to the store and this cold)

– Decorations


2013-01-22 001



Start by covering the crown with tape. Use the floral pins to hold. As you may have noticed I did not want to go back out to the store to look for these details missing me, why use cloth instead of tapes and staples large stapler having my husband instead of pins florares.


2013-01-22 010 2013-01-22 016


Now pick up your mail and pick it up well, secure it to the Crown with a PIN floral as shown in the photo.


2013-01-22 018


Depending on your tastes and the results you are looking for, picks up the tape to a 6 inch from where you started to secure it to the Crown more or less close to where you put the first pin.


2013-01-22 021


Here I want to show that I tried to switch the position of the pins. One put them directly while oak than others a bit to one side and outside.

2013-01-22 022 2013-01-22 024


Follow the same process to return to the beginning,: secure it well and cut the excess of mesh.


2013-01-22 030


This is how is it going to be.


2013-01-22 034


Now use all creativity to decorate! I found a tape among my things and took the Christmas ornaments.


2013-01-22 047


2013-01-22 051

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