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The mirror at the entrance of my house needed something to make it more festive; nothing is better than a wreath! The best part is that it can be used in any season.2012-02-01 052


– Burlap

– Wire #14

– Red tape

– Wire-cutting pliers

Cut your burlap in long ribbons of approximately 10 inches (25 cm) wide. ( remember my advice in this post on how to cut burlap?) Also cut your wire of the size you want your wreath. Remember to leave 4 or 5 inches (10 or 12 cm) extra to join the wire and form your wreath.

Bend your pieces of burlap in half longways. Then slide them onto the wire by the open end, as shown in the picture. 2012-02-01 001

Use as much burlap as needed to fill the wire. When you're happy with it, bend your wire to close the circle.

2012-02-01 004

2012-02-01 007

Form a kind of knot ( for this I had to use tweezers) cut off the excess wire and make sure that none pokes out to hurt you. For this knot you can pass your string to hang the wreath.

2012-02-01 009

In this photo you can see from the front how I arranged the burlap; keep doing it until you are happy.

2012-02-01 020

Put a ribbon on and it's ready! I stuck my ribbon on with a safety pin; I think I could use this wreath all year and simply change the decorations in concordance with the time.

2012-02-01 051

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