Carseat cover

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I am 3 weeks away from having my fourth child, and I still have so many things to do to prepare. One of the things I did was this cover for the car seat for children in the car.

2013-08-15 010

It is not the first cover I have made, and I've already tried two models, but this time I wanted to do something different. I was inventing and adjusting it as went along, so I do not know if it's the best way to make it, but this is as it evolved in my hands. **Warning. While writing the instructions, I realized how hard it is to try to put into words what you do. I hope the photos help somewhat.

2013-08-09 003 Materials

– 2 34in x 31in pieces of the primary fabric, one for the outside and one for the inside

– 4 43in x 4in pieces of contrasting fabric

– 4 43in x 3in pieces of white cloth

– 2 9in x 5in pieces you contrasting fabric for the belts

– enough tape that coordinates

2013-08-09 008 2013-08-09 011

I sewed my decorative fabric to my main fabric up and down, as shown in the picture.

2013-08-09 019 2013-08-09 024

I ended up with two big pieces, one for the outside and the other for the inside. As you can see I just reversed the colors for the inside. My colors for the outside are in the following order: grey-white-pink-white-lead-grey and the inside: pink-white-grey-white-pink. For the front piece of the cover, I put decorative ribbon, just to give it more detail.

2013-08-14 002 2013-08-14 006

I put my fabrics on top of one another with the right-sides facing together. From one of the ends I measured at first the half (16in) and after about 18in up. This will be the opening where I can look at my baby. I sewed all around the web and around my line 18in. leaving a space to one side to then turn to the right.

2013-08-14 008 2013-08-14 016

Once all sewn cut my line. Having turned the cover tape and took more folded in half, sewed only one side along; I did two strips more or less the length of the opening created in the cover.

2013-08-14 021 2013-08-14 023

With the open end of the strip I wrapped the edges of the opening, I did not quite hit the edge of the fabric so as to reclaim the space that was lost when sewing. As you can see also got about four tapes for mooring lines and sewing.

2013-08-14 028 2013-08-14 029

With the tape I made rectangles to cover while reinforcing the end of opening.

2013-08-14 034 2013-08-15 002

Sewed my pieces 9×5 along the turned and closed them ends. Over on the side where the seam is put my tapes belts, which are about 25in.

2013-08-15 005 2013-08-14 035

To find the location of the straps put the cover over the carseat and clamp position marked with pins. As you can see in the picture belts are not parallel and is the way I thought were better. Finally I sewed the straps to the deck and I finished stitching all around to give you a better finish and close the part step where I turned my fabric above.

2013-08-15 008

2013-08-15 010

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