Cover belt camera.

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Christmas came and went, and here I am back. I hope to start the year with right foot and not to neglect this blog as well as I did the last few months.
Today I'm going to show a cover for belt camera I made as a gift for my sister-in-law who is photographer. As first step sought by the vast internet ideas on how to do, and in the end I decided to make my own my way (not that have many ways to do it)

2012-12-14 001


– fabric

– thread

-sewing machine

2012-12-13 002

My strap measures 20 in X 1.5in are not all the belts are the same so it measures well yours first.

Two strips of 17in X 2.5 in and four 4 in X 2.5 in short.

2012-12-13 004

Sew your strips as shown in the photo.

2012-12-13 006

Open the seams and press. Sew close to the seam on both sides, so when this belt passes will not be jammed.

2012-12-13 007

Now you can use your creativity, I sewed horizontal and vertical lines to give you a different texture I have interesting. You can then proceed to assemble the cover. Sew the edges first and then the sides to form the tube. Give it back and is finished.

2012-12-14 004

There are thousands of ideas on the internet, search for and collect ideas to then according to what you have at home can create yours. The possibilities are endless!

2012-12-14 001

2012-12-14 002

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