Birthday of art

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2016-09-10 078

Another birthday more to celebrate! The theme we chose this time was art. My daughters love everything that has to do with painting, and of course, to my also. So I could not let pass the opportunity to play with paint and many colors!

2016-09-10 067

Instead of the typical birthday Garland I made this poster that was supposed to be a canvas with the happy birthday and some paint stains. Stains are made on paper of sponge; I also used them to decorate the tables.

2016-09-10 019

The birthday cake is a quick and simple concept to, but with very good results. My daughter was fascinated with the. I forgot to slightly moisten the fondant at the end so no powdered sugar I used while armed it will look.

2016-09-10 062

Unicorn drawing is handmade with edible markers.

2016-09-10 014

This time the piñata I didn't do it, My mom is responsible and I am super grateful. The palette was perfect and the brush is the perfect touch.

We had just 3 Games/activities, and they were a great success.

2016-09-10 042

We started painting with acrylic paint on canvas. Every girl let your imagination and created his own art.

2016-09-10 055

The following activity required of small bottles of bubbles, food coloring, and paper for watercolor. In a rope hung the paper for watercolor with a clamp and let that blow bubbles. I did some tests before the holiday and my recommendation is that the leaves are upright and not lying down. When the leaves are lying the bubbles burst in the face and you end up with more color on the face than on paper. I feel that the watercolor paper absorbs better and helps bubbles stick more fast, Unlike one normal.

2016-09-10 047

Finally we arm them with water guns filled with diluted watercolor painting. The girls had fun a lot and were good at sharing and exchanging pistols and bottles of bubbles so that all can use different colors. No one incredibly dirty is.

Sadly I have not a single photo of the surprises that took home. As it is always something there that not taking photos? Each girl carried a notebook that I decorated with sponge paper (as well as the tables and poster), a box of markers, a box of watercolors, and a plastic palette for paint (the same ones that were used in the first activity).

Girls passed them as well after I received texts from moms saying how happy that they came home telling how much had fun.

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