Apron for girls

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The birthday of my eldest daughter is approaching, and fast. I'm planning to make the girls decorate their own cupcakes, and for this I made their own aprons.

2012-02-19 075


  • Tela principal
  • Contrasting fabric

Draw your pattern on paper. I used an apron children home depot. (Note that I did longer to adjust to the size needed).

2012-02-19 0762012-02-19 077

Cut the main fabric following the pattern. Then fold the edges of the sides and bottom of the apron. I did it as small as possible, fold it twice and sew.

2012-02-19 0122012-02-19 0132012-02-19 0152012-02-19 019

With contrasting fabric cut 2 strips 2 in. (5 cm)width wide web. Preserving the edge. The length of the strips depends on the fabric you use, They measured as mine 22 in. (56cm) You will need an extra little piece up to the edge of the apron.

2012-02-19 0012012-02-19 002

Fold your strips lengthwise in half and iron. Open your strip and fold one edge to the center and then the other. The result will be a bias tape. Repeat with the other strip and the extra piece.

2012-02-19 0032012-02-19 006

Ensures extra piece on the top edge of the apron with pins. Pass on your sewing machine. ( I am doing 6 aprons so I'm not sewing strips in the traditional way in which a sew bias tape)

2012-02-19 0182012-02-19 022

Pin the half mark your tape and the "arms" apron. Secures the tape to the apron with pins following the curve as best you can.2012-02-19 0082012-02-19 0112012-02-19 0252012-02-19 026

Starts sewing ribbons along from the top edge, passing the apron, to the other edge.

2012-02-19 0272012-02-19 028

Now you have an apron. If you want you can stop there, but if you're like me, then you think you still need something more.

Contrasting cut a strip of fabric 4in. (10cm) for about 28in (71 cm) Fold the edges of the sides and iron. Then fold the strips lengthwise in half and iron.2012-02-19 0562012-02-19 057

With the sewing machine closes the sides of your kicks. Then sew the edge of your strip Overcast.

2012-02-19 0622012-02-20 001

Put your machine on long stitch and sew along the strip. Care leave 15cm of thread at the beginning and end.

2012-02-20 0022012-02-20 003

He is pulling a strand and collects the fabric. Begins to attach it to the bottom and Reverse apron with pins and sew.

2012-02-20 0052012-02-20 008

Se ve well, truth? Good, I think if, but still it lacks something.

2012-02-20 009

If you still have fabric and patience. Your contrasting fabric cut a rectangle about 9in (23cm) x 6in (15cm). Fold and iron all your edges. The edge goes to the top of the pocket did wider than the rest. Sew the top edge ( the widest) Then gently assures pocket apron with pins. Sew the side and the bottom edge. ( Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the whole process)

2012-02-23 001

Now I think it is finished. After doing 6 of these I sure do not want to do anything else. He planned to embroider the names of each child to do more personal, but zero is not necessary now that you have so much detail. What do you think?

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