Family ( technique through cracked appearance)

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I bought some wooden letters to put on my fireplace mantel, but I wanted to do something different that would be good at any time of the year. Soon I found in the shop a product called medium cracked appearance, is for acrylic paints. Perfect!

2012-07-12 017 - Copy

First I painted the letters with black acrylic paint.

2012-05-23 009 - Copy 2012-05-23 011 - Copy

Once it is dry I put the middle of cracked appearance. Make sure that you are well covered.

2012-05-23 012 - Copy 2012-05-27 003

When the environment is dry you can put layer you up, in this case I used a white acrylic paint. Went me the first time I did it wrong, trying to cover the black with the white paint is only damaging the environment, and it is the Middle begins to crack right away, If you pass the brush where has already begun to crack everything will go wrong. So after a bit of experimentation to reach this solution. Use a soft brush and some paint applied, If you look at the photo you can see that I practically put paint in letter rather than paint it properly. Don't worry if it sees a smooth perfect surface, on the contrary, the only thing that you must import into that cover well the basecoat. You'll soon see how dry and cracking paint.

2012-05-27 004 2012-05-27 002

I love the result. I'm already thinking that anything else I can use this technique. So many possibilities!

2012-07-12 012 - Copy

2012-07-12 018 - Copy

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