Garland birthday

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For the birthday of my daughter made this easy and simple wreath. Let me show you how I did it.

2013-03-09 077

As materials you need:

– colored paper

– love

– sewing machine

– paper lyrics

Start with a square and divide it into 4 triangles.

2013-02-08 002 2013-02-08 003

Then each triangle side short long (outsiders) of the same size as the small side (towards the Center)

2013-02-08 005 2013-02-08 007

With your machine sewing in zigzag starts to sew the Ribbon and then your triangles.

2013-02-08 021 2013-02-08 026

Here you can see how. I made two of these, one for the 'Happy' and one for 'Birthday'

2013-02-08 030 2013-02-08 033

In the last photo I show you how I sewed two strips to form a single. After sewing all you can paste the lyrics. I thought of doing everything in fabric, but I wanted to finish it fast and use materials already had at home. Maybe some time I do one in fabric. 2013-03-09 077

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