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In the fourth of my daughters was this light that we have in a long time. Got it in the baby shower for my first daughter so it is as 6 years. Of course the time where he was already tired of seeing always the same lamp, In addition I want to another style in the room. So I put hands to work.

2013-01-14 013 2013-01-17 004

As the only materials you need a lamp that you want to update, fabric, machine sewing to gather the fabric and a glue gun.

2013-01-15 004 2013-01-15 008

Cut several strips of fabric, I did them of 4 inches wide, but you can make them a little more you narrow if you wish.

2013-01-15 010

Put your machine on long stitch. Sew in the center of each strip lengthwise. She collects fabric.

2013-01-15 017

Begins with your glue gun to glue your fabric to the lamp. I did it in a spiral to form a kind of flower.

2013-01-15 014

They left me really big flowers.

2013-01-15 020

Still doing the same with the rest of the fabric.

2013-01-16 005

When you are done you will have spaces will not be covered, It is ok. Covers all these areas with more fabric collection, no need to do more flowers, only worry about cover the spaces.

2013-01-17 004

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