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Honeycomb Pattern Quilt

With pride I present my latest creation! After seeing a tutorial on how to make hexagons knew immediately that this …


Grid pattern quilt

With a lot of effort, I've found time to make another quilt, and it is one of my favorites despite a small …


Wreath for the 4 of July

Since the birth of my last child I have not been keeping up with decorating the house. Hoping to change this I went …


FROZEN Themed Birthday Party

This Saturday we celebrate the birthday of my eldest daughter, and of course the theme of the party was the movie FROZEN. If you have not …


Good News

So much good news to give! My first good news is that I have my baby in my arms! It's a girl …


Birthday Piñata

For the number birthday 4 My daughter Marie was the subject of the film The Aristocats. And in less than an …


Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Because I promised, here's how I made the cake in the form of ice cream. First I made two round cakes 6 …


Ice Cream Birthday

This weekend we celebrated another birthday! This time it is my youngest daughter. In the previous post I showed how …


Ice cream cones

One of my children has a birthday at the end of this month, and as the days are already hot, I thought a good theme would be ice cream! In …


Romantic pillow

My mom is re-decorating the room where my girls always sleep when we visit, and it wants to do good women …

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