Framework for bathroom mirror.

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In the previous post I promised to teach you how to make a maro for your bathroom mirror. He had already made one, it was white, but with all the changes I made to the bathroom I felt it was necessary to change the mirror frame also. I started looking for other ideas of how to do it and found it in Full of Great Ideas I liked it a lot and thought it would be perfect for my bathroom. But when we shop wing I mean my husband as I thought it would be a good idea to wear the crown molding because it would cover part of the light, so we got to see what was in the store and how we could make a nice mirror. This is the result.

                                      2012-08-19 004


  • 1×4 MDF (wooden tables all around the mirror)
  • 4 Ornaments square corners
  • 1 thin table that is a little wider than the thickness of Tables 1×4 ( a little more 1 inch)
  • Rubber wood
  • Wood filler
  • Paint


2012-08-12 001

Measure your mirror, measures the outside of your frame must be like an inch larger. Woods believes cutting measures to adorn tables. In this picture you can see the pieces still unglued. You can see that the thin woods are only at the top and bottom of the mirror and are across the width of the mirror.

                        2012-08-12 006

You can see the pictures first hit the woods going up and down the frame.

2012-08-12 005

When you have everything cut and just a matter of putting the pieces and glue with rubber wood. Start by gluing the pictures to parts above and below, after the thin wooden sticks each. Finally you hit the wood of the sides to the top and bottom pieces. ( is this all sounds rather confusing, I should have taken more pictures to help better explain the whole process, but I promise that once you're working with your wood you can understand better)

                            2012-08-12 006

When this dry well and is safe s the frame is firm and can fill the corners you see any plain so that looks like a single piece. Sands well and draws. Remember to paint the back of the frame also, You'll be able to see the reflection in your mirror.

2012-08-13 005

Ugh, My head hurts trying to explain this. I feel I did a very bad job explaining, But, seriously, It is very simple once you have the pieces in your hands and you can as it is becoming all. Maybe it's just a matter of looking good and safe photo you will notice how it is done and do not need all these crazy "instructions" I tried to give. If you have questions, leave me a message, I will do my best to explain better : )

                                           2012-08-19 004

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