Children's table

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I thought the other day who was cleaning my social dining table in as my daughters love to play at that table with their legos. They can spend hours playing with legos,the problem is that it isn't very good for my table. What to do? (I've been watching too many blogs about furniture and her before and after); What if I buy a small table and paint it well! Soon I started looking in the Classifieds to see if it was a good table. I found the perfect table, but I earn someone me and purchased on the same day. So with my husband we went to second hand shops, We found a table that looked in very good condition and was cheap.

2012-07-28 0032012-08-03 008

A time in house you remove the paint that I had before. For this I used this product called Citristrip. It is very easy to use and the smell is not too annoying.

2012-07-28 013 2012-08-01 002

Once well remove the painting I gave him a good sanding. And with the help of my husband we put an edge to the table. So legos do not fall easily when girls play.


Now to paint. First hand as always has to be the base coat. And then about two coats of paint. All this I did it with the help of a brush for corners and a small roller for the rest. It is much more easy to use roll that do it all with brush.

2012-08-02 002

When this all dry well, the final detail. These handles them bought at hobby lobby; the table gives you the perfect feminine touch!

2012-08-03 007


2012-08-03 008

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