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toys, dolls, and other activities for my daughters


Birthday of art

  Another birthday more to celebrate! The theme we chose this time was art. Everything you love to my daughters …


Baby Bib

This is the best bib that I've used. It's my favorite because it covers my daughter perfectly while eating. Many towels bibs …


Honeycomb Pattern Quilt

With pride I present my latest creation! After seeing a tutorial on how to make hexagons knew immediately that this …


FROZEN Themed Birthday Party

This Saturday we celebrate the birthday of my eldest daughter, and of course the theme of the party was the movie FROZEN. If you have not …


Patchwork quilt

I took me two months to make this quilt, but it is finally finished! It usually does not take me as long to make a quilt but with a …


Good News

So much good news to give! My first good news is that I have my baby in my arms! It's a girl …


Carseat cover

I am 3 weeks away from having my fourth child, and I still have so many things to do to prepare. One of the …


Birthday Piñata

For the number birthday 4 My daughter Marie was the subject of the film The Aristocats. And in less than an …


Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Because I promised, here's how I made the cake in the form of ice cream. First I made two round cakes 6 …

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