Family Home Evening

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I finally finished this project!!!!

2012-01-28 006


More than 9 months ago I saw a family home evening board, I liked it so much I immediately decided I had to make one. The problem began when the person I asked to cut my vinyl forgot to do it for weeks; then I gave birth to my third child and of course I then forgot that I was waiting for the vinyl. After about 4 months I reminded this person that she would make me the vinyl. It took 3 more reminders until she finished making it, by then it had already been 6 months trying to make my board.

When I finally received my vinyl, I found that my order was unfortunately not done correctly. The 'Family' and 'Home Evening' were perfect, but the rest was completely wrong. I took a deep breath and then wrote and kindly asked that she correct my order. Christmas came and I received no answer. I just thought I was going to play out how to get what I needed on the other side. But upon returning home after spending Christmas and New Year with the family I found at the door of my house and my vinyl corrected.

Why do it take me until the end of January to finish?... I'm not sure. I think I've just been busy with my daughters and did not have time to go from store to store looking for the details that I lacked. …Oh! It was already forgetting to write how I made it!

2012-01-28 007


– A piece of wood of the desired size (mine measured 23" x 10.5")

– Vinyl

– Transparent keychains (those to put photos in)

– Pictures

– Paint

– Small pegs

Just paint the piece of wood and the small wooden pegs any color you want. Wait until it is dry and then apply the vinyl. Cut small holes in the wood to put the pegs. Put the pictures in the keychains (I put a little tape on each one) All done! Now you have a beautiful board to guide your family home evenings.

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