Tissue paper pompoms

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2012-03-04 035


Si viste mi post anterior, you realize that to decorate my daughter's party did different colored pompoms. There are many instructions online on how to do; This is my version:

2012-03-04 001


  • Silk paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Each package of tissue paper has 8 pieces of paper; of each package remove two pom-poms to hang and one to put on the table.

2012-03-04 0032012-03-04 004

First cut your paper in half lengthwise. Jack 6 pieces of paper and begins to fold it approximately 1.5 in. (3.5 to 4 cm) wide. The result will be a kind of accordion.

2012-03-04 0062012-03-04 014

Tie the Ribbon in the center of the accordion; get the knot to one side and leave a long tail to hang

.2012-03-04 0172012-03-04 020

Cutting tips. Try to be generous when cutting, that will give you best.

2012-03-04 0242012-03-04 026

Carefully begins to separate each piece of paper, don't worry that you don't have to be perfect. Trafficking of separate it as close as possible to the Centre, but take care not to break the paper.

2012-03-04 0282012-03-04 029

It's alternate each side; sideways, up and down.

2012-03-04 0332012-03-04 035

When you are done in separate papers will have something like in the picture above; It accommodates only a little and end up with a beautiful pompon to decorate. Repeat the process with the other 6 pieces of paper with the 4 latest parts can do half of a Pompom following the same process except that you don't need to leave tail with Ribbon for hanging and of course separate the roles only up.

2012-03-10 015

2012-03-10 025

2012-03-10 027

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