Coasters to Crochet

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When I was a teenager, my grandmother taught me to crochet. I don't remember making anything specific, What I do remember is how she had me practice making chains over and over and over again, and that she told me how important it is to keep the tension as constant as possible. After that vacation, I didn't crochet again until after having my first child. And now I love looking for simple things to crochet.

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I found this pattern to make coasters just a few days before leaving on a trip, and I knew immediately that I had my entertainment during the 6 hours that would be in the car. They are so easy to make once you finish the first, that you can then make as many as you want without needing to review the pattern. You can listen to a book without fear of losing out on either activity.

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If you want to make some, you can visit Bella Coco to see the pattern and it even has a video you can follow.

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Here is the translation I made of the pattern. I hope it is helpful, the truth is I never learned to read instructions until I got here, so I learned in English, so I may not use the correct terms in Spanish. If you have any questions or comments on how to make the instructions or pattern clearer, let me know.

Crochet hook: 4mm or the size needed based on the yarn you're using

s. s. = slip stitch
ch. = chain
dbl. = double

First: 6 ch. and join to the first chain with a s.s.. to form the beginning circle

1st round: 3 ch., 19 dbl., join to the top chain of 3

2nd round: 3 ch., dbl. in the next dbl., 2 ch., *dbl. in the next two dbl., 2 ch.* 9 times, join to the top chain of 3

3st round: 3 ch., *2 dbl. in the space below two chains, 2 ch. , 2 dbl. in the same space as two chains * 9 times, 2 dbl. in the space below two chains, 2 ch., dbl. and join to the top of the chain of 3

4th round: 3 ch., s.s. in the space below two chains, *6 dbl.. in the next space, s.s. in the space below two chains * 9 times, 5 dbl. in the space below and meets your s.s.. to the first s.s..

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