Quiet Book

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Over a year ago I made this set of 'books' to keep my daughters entertained while at church without making much noise. There are many ideas floating around on the internet, after seeing several blogs, I created these pages for my books.
I will not go into much detail about how I did this project, but I'll give a quick explanation of each page. Everything is made with felt, fabric and a couple of extra things like buttons, velcro, etc.

2011-04-05 001

I love this page of flowers, they are stuck with velcro. I also made a rather simple puzzle (heart, flower and star) There is a pocket for each puzzle and on the opposite page a square of felt for putting it together.

2011-04-05 004 2011-04-05 005

Within the portfolio there are bracelets and necklaces. Under the face of the doll is a pouch where the elastics and headbands for her hair are stored. On the page with the gum machine I used snaps to attach the gum balls.

2011-04-05 006 2011-04-05 017

This is another of my favorite pages, it is a barn and inside it there are puppets of animals (cow, horse, hen, pig, chick) I made a clock and a shoe so they can learn to read the time and hopefully to tie shoes 🙂

2011-04-05 015 2012-05-15 003 - Copy

On the shape page I added buttons. I used plastic beads on cords for the number page. And finally I could not leave out the alphabet. The letters are both upper and lower case and have a transparent pocket to put a card with a drawing of something that begins with each letter.

2011-04-05 022 2011-04-05 024

It was a project that took some time but it was pretty fun. I hope it inspires you to create!! 🙂

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