Robot flannel.

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I'm well excited to show this project. It is a beautiful robot that I saw in Little Inspiration. It was super fun to do so, and the result is beautiful. In Little Inspiration she makes one more smaller than mine, and the truth is that I'm going to see if I can find a fabric similar to that she used because I love how it was. In my use a fabric that I had out there, but the result is tender.


2012-12-25 025 2012-12-25 026

2012-12-25 024


– fabric

– elastic

– thread

– needle

– Buttons

– in two shades of pink and black flannel

2012-12-19 004

Cut your fabric in:

6 squares 4 1/2GNI (head)

6 squares 5 1/2in (body)

24 squares 3 1/2in (hands and feet)

2 rectangles 7 1/2 x 3 1/2 in (legs) 2 elastic 5 1/2in

2 rectangles 6 by 3 in (arms) 2 elastic 4 in

2012-12-19 011 2012-12-19 015

It begins to build cubes hands feet and head.

Try to leave as 1/4 in sewing on each side, start it and finish it to strengthen it. This will facilitate sewing bucket.

2012-12-19 016 2012-12-19 018

2012-12-19 025 2012-12-19 028

2012-12-19 038 2012-12-19 039

2012-12-19 041 2012-12-19 043

2012-12-19 049 2012-12-19 052

When sewing the last side, leave enough space to be able to turn the cube and fill it.

2012-12-19 057 2012-12-19 066

Fill your buckets with care, try to open the filling well so they are not balls, like a robot soft and abrazable, not one hard and full of balls to touch.

2012-12-19 073 2012-12-19 075

Now sew the rectangles for the arms and legs along.

2012-12-20 003 2012-12-20 012

Give them back and place a piece of elastic inside the tube. It takes a picture of the body (right side up) place the arm with elastic top, I take another square and put it on top (right side down) and sew through all layers ( 2 square tube and elastic).

2012-12-20 013 2012-12-20 015

Repeat the above procedure for the other arm. You will be as pictured (the arms have a square in common, the picture which will be the shoulders)

2012-12-20 020 2012-12-20 022

Continuous arming bucket. When you arrive to the last square has a resemblance to the spleens of sandwich to form toes. In one of the squares of the cube, on the right side of the fabric, place both legs (already with the elastic on the inside) and a square, side right down under, over. As shown in the photo. Sew the other sides leaving space to turn the cube and fill it.

2012-12-20 023 2012-12-20 027

Turns the cube that forms the body and fill it.

2012-12-20 028 2012-12-20 032

Closes all cubes. In the arms and legs collects fabric to make it the length of the elastic and sew to secure. Now you have flexible arms and legs.

2012-12-20 034 2012-12-20 037

Sew the head to the body. And then the hands and feet to the arms and legs.



2012-12-20 038 2012-12-20 041

Cut two hearts of plush. Large one and another a little small.



2012-12-20 042 2012-12-20 050

Sew hearts to the body and head buttons. Short tabs on black plush and stitch behind the eyes.


If want you this already completed, But if you want to make it look more square, with needle and thread you SEW around all sides of the cubes. I used the wire folded in four to make it more thick and noticeable but it seam. If you want to be even more obvious you can use a contrasting color.

2012-12-20 057

2012-12-25 025 2012-12-25 024

2012-12-25 026

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