San Valentin

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It's February!! It was time to decorate the house for Valentine's Day. Here some pictures of the decorations that I put in my house.

2013-01-22 057 This is the table at the entrance of my home. Almost everything here is I did it last year. As the LOVE letters, the red ball within the black cage, the Crown and flags. (Click on any of them to see how I did them). The only change was in the Crown where I now put a few hearts of plush. I hit them with pins to make it so easy to replace it with something else depending on the time.

2013-01-29 029This is on the Mantel, very simple. I did my one vases with red petals and another with crepe paper tape. In another post I'll show you how I see the frames to the left. The Pacifiers paper they are the same that I used for my daughter's birthday last year. (Click paper pacifiers if you want to see how they are made).

2013-01-29 048This is a table in my living room social. Mortgage bottles are filled with a red balls and the other only with white fabric scraps. The third is made with rice, crumpled paper from china and made up crepe paper flowers. I hope you have liked and inspired to decorate your home also.

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