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A few months ago I found this photo in Pinterest temple. I have no idea who is, So who will not give cresito. But hardly I saw my daughters and I thought of how perfect it would put him in his room. Since I do not live in Utah, I had to wait until we traveled to visit family to go take my own picture of the temple. Despite being the month of December, the weather was perfect for taking photos.

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This is the photo that my husband took.

2011-12-27 037

I liked the font they used to Daughter, and although I knew it would be almost impossible encontrala, I began to search. Such was my luck that I found the exact point on the first page I opened. It's called porcelain and enconté in http://www.dafont.com After playing around with the photo in photoshop, this is the result.

Temple 2 bcopy

I am very happy with the, but I could not stop there. For many months now I have wanted to put a picture of the temple in my family room, and the pictures that I like are so expensive that I have not dared to buy any. So with some minor adjustments I printed this picture. The picture is one that gave me my mom; gold color was (yuck) and with the help of some paint as it was new!. It not prescisamente like pictures that I like but it's something. Maybe some time find a way to make my own picture to my taste? (or rather, make my husband make me one). I'll have to get to ideas that busacar.

2012-01-17 002

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