Trap to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day

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I looking to do activities with my children for this St. Patrick found this fun idea to try to catch a leprechaun (leprechaun) There are many ideas out there, but this I liked by is it simple enough for my daughters.

2012-03-15 003

You just need some round container, paper, scissors, and tape.

2012-03-15 029 and

Wrap the container with green paper. With black and yellow paper do you belt and buckle. At the top of the hat just short a piece of green paper and placed it on, so with the weight of the Goblin paper will fall trapping the Goblin inside the container. My girl decided to just draw the straight and make a couple of signs that say 'Do not touch' (We know that Elves like to break rules so we believe that will make it fall into the trap). Could not miss the gold up the shade to make it go up.

2012-03-15 031

We don't know if we will be able to catch a leprechaun, but I understand that they know to leave gold coins ( chocolate coins)!!

2012-03-15 032

I am planning a scavenger hunt that day also. I'm trying to find good rhymes for tracks. I hope that the elves do not too much mischief in our House. I've heard that they make things like green milk paint, they painted them green hair while sleeping children. Some let their feet on the floor marks. They love to change things in place, how you put for example pasta cereal box! they put things upside down, etc. These goblins are very very naughty. : )

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