Strawberry Shortcake


I am the proud mother of four girls. I'm married to a wonderful man who supports me in my sometimes crazy projects.

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  1. Jacquelyn A. says:

    Hello, This very cute all,my question is how can I make dolls? I am planning my daughter's birthday with this subject.

    • Elizabeth Trexler says:

      Hello. The dolls are made of cardboard and painted with acrylic paint. All I did was find the pictures that I liked, The enlarged to the size you want and printed. Depending on the size that you want to do you will come out in several pages, paste the pages with masking tape and then place it on top of the cardboard. Trace wrist hard enough to make a little cardboard and then be able to draw your wrist. When this short path around the wrist and paint. I hope this helps, any other questions email me 🙂

      • Jacquelyn A. says:

        Hi Elizabeth, thank you very much for the info. is very cute talent God gave you, I will follow your instructions and then tell you how I was. God bless you and your family 😉

        • Elizabeth Trexler says:

          thank you very much. I would love to know how it goes, maybe photos? 🙂

          • Jacquelyn A. says:

            and, I'll take pictures so you can see that I am a good student 😉 know last night I got a strawberry, but I think I made a mistake because the mark in box with a black permanent marker and not as I will be at the end. But I think q of Practice makes perfect, when I finished I upload the photo. Take care and God bless.

  2. Jacquelyn A. says:

    Elizabeth, You have product on Etsy?

    • Elizabeth Trexler says:

      no, I have not. that things there if you like to see make a?

      • Jacquelyn A. says:

        then, donot let me tell you the truth but these days I was visiting that page and found many interesting things such as party favor, bottle cap necklaces, and other things related to parties and thought of you. because with the talent you have you can make extra money, but well haci I am when I think of anything I say, I do not want to be offended by the comment,but I'm always looking for ways to make extra money. ciudate much good 🙂

  3. Josefina says:

    Hello, how you do those balls hanging from the ceiling? They are divine!

  4. Filling says:

    It's Beautiful !! and my inspiration because I have a deco bsos frutillita from Peru

  1. March 20, 2012

    […] I've been thinking of as the post I made about the birthday party my daughter was not complete. I had not put anything about the things I did for decorating, food, or games. So I just upgraded! Visit it here! […]

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