Wreath for the 4 of July

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Since the birth of my last child I have not been keeping up with decorating the house. Willing to change this situation, I went to the store with my 4 daughters (which is not recommended if you want to keep your health) and I bought materials to make a wreath to celebrate this month of July.




-Polystyrene wreath


-Florist pins


The truth it is a fairly simple process. Just collect a bit of burlap and secure it to the wreath with a florist pin. How long and how often you do it depends on your taste and how you want to look at the end. As you can see I did not bother to cover the polystyrene wreath first, But if you want the wreath to not be visible it is better that you cover it first either with the same burlap or some tape color that combines with the Burlap, you're using.



In order to complete my wreath, I cut stars from a sheet of white foam. With the help of a marker I rolled some wire and assured the wreath.



My intention was to put it in the door, but since it can't find the hook to hang it I decided to put it in the mirror of my driveway.



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